In The Studio

Uniforms Used in Brad’s Paintings
In the picture at left, Brad appears in the zouave uniform of the 1st Special Battalion, Louisiana Infantry, (also known as “Wheat’s Tigers”) featured in his painting Tigers to the Rescue. Brad has extensive research done on the uniforms depicted in his paintings, often creating detailed replicas which can be worn by his models. Full Article

Why I paint History
My philosophy is one that I believe originated with Howard Pyle, venerable American illustrator, painter and teacher of the late 19th century. It is, “Paint what you know and know what you paint.” I might add, “Paint what you love and love what you paint.” I have always loved American history and the lore of the military. Full Article

A Technical Approach to Painting
Creating a painting with hordes of figures engaged in dramatic action takes a lot of planning even if you don’t take the historical research into account. To begin with, everything I plan to put in the picture must be photographically documented. Having said that, however, I do feel free to interpret the photos creatively, rather than copying them exactly as they appear. Full Article

Historical Detail in Bradley’s Paintings
Taking a closer look at some of Bradley’s paintings can be rewarding for those interested in the historical details of his work. He routinely consults historians to assist him in maintaining historical accuracy and ensure the most life-like rendition of the events he portrays.