“I take pleasure in creating paintings that open a window on history, so that more people can share in the view. I would describe my work as ‘painterly realism’. I strive to capture the true nature of light and color, and I make no effort to disguise my brushstrokes. Even while rendering meticulous detail, I endeavor to paint boldly and deliberately.”

Bradley Schmehl manifested his God-given talent for creating art even at a very tender age. As a boy of six, he drew a picture of some construction workers who had been laboring in the street in front of his parents’ house. His mother, noticing some of the figures in the picture were much smaller than others were, questioned her son about it. His response: “Those little men in my picture are farther away than the bigger ones”. Thus, the young Brad demonstrated an intuitive grasp of the Law of Diminution in perspective, just one of the concepts that would be clarified and expanded in his subsequent artistic training.

Born March 28, 1962, in Reading, Pennsylvania, Schmehl graduated from Pennsylvania School of Art and Design, Lancaster, in 1984. He is a Student Founder of that institution and taught there as an adjunct Instructor of Book Illustration for five years during the mid 1990’s. Today, he continues to train himself in anatomy and the artistic disciplines and studies the works of his artistic heroes such as Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Edouard DeTaille, Tom Lovell and many others and work on website livescore bola indonesia piala dunia 2018.

Brad has been focusing almost exclusively on Civil War subjects since 1995, although some recent projects have him branching out into the Revolutionary War period as well as the contemporary “Christian Cowboy” market. At present his work can be seen in more than 300 galleries in this country alone. Although he self-publishes certain of his works, most of his work is published by Somerset House Publishing, Inc. of Houston, Texas.