140th Manassas Re-Enactment

Upon my arrival at the 140th Manassas Re-enactment, I was drafted to portray CSA General Bernard Bee from South Carolina, who was killed in the fight at Manassas. Bee was the man who pointed out Jackson to his demoralized troops and uttered the immortal cry, “There stands Jackson like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!”, thus dubbing Stonewall Jackson with his enduring nickname.

George Moor of Tampa, FL, who plays Jackson at many events around the country and modeled as Jackson for my “Valley Campaign” series, loaned me the coat and we had Generals’ stars sewn on for the battle reenactment. George is seated beside me in the middle photo on his Arab, named Sam. I ride a Tennessee Walker named Pride’s Blackbird, but he’s known around camp as Birdie. Both horses belong to George, who is currently writing a screenplay about Jackson.

The bottom photo shows, second from the right, Jack Pickett of DE with the 2nd Delaware regiment. Jack is the Vice President of the Delaware Civil War Society, which commissioned me to paint the 2nd Delaware regiment at Gettysburg. The painting is entitled “Into the Wheatfield” and is on permanent display in Legislative Hall in the State Capitol, Dover DE. Jack is also the man who took the top two photos.

~ Bradley Schmehl

Bradley Schmehl has been asked by director Ron Maxwell (Gettysburg) to appear in his upcoming movie Gods and Generals starring Robert Duvall.

The movie will be filmed in and around Sharpsburg, Maryland, the site of the Antietam Battlefield, and on actual historic locations in Virginia and West Virginia. Many of the actors from the movie Gettysburg will reprise their roles in the new film, which also features the new characters Stonewall Jackson, Mary Anna Morrison Jackson, Myra Hancock, Mary Custis Lee, and Fanny Chamberlain.

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